Prologue: Spy with a Clean Face

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Russell Miller has adeptly applied fictional flesh to a factual skeleton in a far-ranging tale of deceit and betrayal. The narrative twists and turns through Latin American and Asian locales as the search for a rogue agent ultimately leads to the Chernobyl dead zone; while the newly independent Ukrainian Government teeters precariously between East and West.

Charlie Connelly is an average corporate executive, with three children and a home in the suburbs—as well as almost forgotten ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.

He is unexpectedly reminded of this past association when approached by his former recruiter, accompanied by a stunning female agent. Their seemingly innocent request for assistance eventually leads Connelly, Ludlum-like, through the brightly lighted board-rooms and dimly lit backstreets of Maracaibo, Medellin, Tianjin, and Kiev as he becomes inexorably enmeshed in a murky realm of foreign intrigue.

Eventually betrayed by the political maneuverings of a besieged intelligence agency, and abandoned by his own company, Charlie finds himself working on a NGO project in recently independent Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. Once there, he is again contacted by the Agency, and tasked to locate and eliminate a defecting American spy before he can conclude the sale to Iran of Ukrainian owned missiles. Click on the Cover to see more at amazon

Some Recent Reviews on Miller's Works:

"Russ Miller • Not the Retiring Type"  Iowa Alumni Magazine

"[Miller] weaves the threads of the disrupted Ukrainian business environment with his own uncertainty in his first significant retirement activity. The story captures the mood of that not-too-distant past, so familiar to visitors to former Soviet countries.This autobiography is also an armchair traveler's window into a backward environment that still exists in corners of Russia and its former empire. Further, the story is very typical of the experiences of consultants from developed countries engaging with the Third World, whether on two-week or two-year assignments. Armchair Interviews

"Miller tells it like it is in Eastern Europe--Terrific! What a great book!"--Travel

"The dawn of a new internationally co-dependent economy"

"This book is interesting reading to anyone, retired or still employed, who is interested in volunteering his or her time and talents to "doing good" around the world."---

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